Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Abolishing "software" patents?

There's an interesting item over at Business Insider, discussing abolishing "software" patents. I don't agree with completely eliminating "software" patents - for certain proprietary fields such as encryption and compression, "software" patents may make some sense. But the article raises some good points:
A great example of a creative industry without patents is fashion. People copy each other all the time. Do fashion houses go bust? No. Do innovators go poor? No, they keep innovating at an even faster pace.

Software companies also copy each other all the time, and straight copycats don't generally do well. (And when they do, it's usually not just copying the idea, it's also great execution--ain't nothing wrong with fast followers, who bring competition to markets.)

And let's not forget that there are rules against infringing copyrights if someone creates a true carbon copy of something.

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