Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Concerns about software patents

I'd like to share this link from ZDNet UK: "Concerns about software patents". It raises several good points on "software" patents. From the article:
While patents themselves are a good thing, applying them to software can actually have an adverse effect. Patents protect physical devices from being cloned, but when dealing with software that is based on mathematical algorithms, software patents prohibit companies from competing with similar software products. And depending on how broad the patent is, it can affect multiple products that are based on the same mathematical algorithm or user interface.
Microsoft has taken this one step further, and has started using software patents to threaten competitors into paying royalties.
The patent system should not be used as a "club" to threaten competition. This ties up our courts, and wastes resources that might be better spent on innovation, rather than "software" patent fights. But I hope through activism, we can change how "software" patents are treated.

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